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I have just purchased a new Dell Inspiron 17r with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, i5-2410 processor, 8gb ram, intel graphics 3000.

OK, here's my problem. When I 1st start the computer, my monitor displays a full desktop. If I go to any properties of Windows 7, ie: Folder views, screen reolution, Ctrl Alt Del... my desktop is reduced by 10%.

That is, My destop picture is diplayed fully, but when I open any window, there is a small band at the top of the screen which is not accessible. I can put my cursor there, right click on it and the screen popup appears.

I realise that this sounds odd as I am probably explaining it poorly, but it is almost that I have only 90% of a working desktop.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. contact Dell support
  2. Lendrodafontoura -

    Telling a newcomer to talk to a spastic dell employee about a potential software issue is the worst advice, no offence :)

    Complete a windows update bud (Optional Updates too), sounds like your display drivers are going spastic, If this does not work, link is the mobo or video card model number and i'll track down a driver for you and help you install it :)

    If thats a no go, I'll continue troubleshooting.
  3. Hey Everybody,

    Thanks for your help. After a few hours on 2 seperate issues, the monitor problem is fixed. Apparently a program called Dell Datasafe backup was the culprit. As soon as I uninstalled it, the problem was fixed.

    Thanks again.

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