Please Help! 2 4850s Crossfire not working.

Can somebody please help me. I have 2 512MB 4850s trying to crossfire them with no luck now. I have a 9850BE, 8GB DDR2 OCZ Platinum (4X2GB). Biostar TA790GX+ motherboard I believe. I did have it working before, with one bridge, I have reinstalled windows, and haven't been able to get it working since. I ordered 2 bridges that came today, hoping my bridge was bad, but that seems to not help at all. Anybody that has 2 4850s Crossfired, or anybody in general that might have any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance
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  3. Anyway I have 4850's crossfire and the way I check to see if they are working is to look at catalyst control center under crossfire and see if they are enabled. Also It doesn't matter whether you use one or two bridges.
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