Radeon VPU Recovery Errors... Having LOTS of Trouble...

During gameplay (usually 10-15 minutes in), my game will feeze/hang up: then the screen will go black, I will lose sound for a few seconds, then the monitor will "restart", and then I will get a VPU Recovery Error Message.

Right after that I can go back to playing my game for another couple of minutes before I get ANOTHER error message.

Games like Counter-Strike 1.6, Day of Defeat, etc (older games) NEVER get it, but other games like BioShock, STALKER, COD4, etc do quite frequently.

Any ideas?

I'm of the opinion that it's a power supply problem.

Is my current PSU not enough?


Antec EarthWatts 550 PSU
Intel Core 2 CPU 6320 @ 1.86GHz
ASUS EAH4850 TOP (pre-overclocked I think)
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  1. The power is enough,make sure u have the latest catalyst drivers installed.
  2. Could be getting too hot, make sure you have good case ventilation, and the fan on the card is working correctly.
  3. I have the latest drivers installed, trust me on that...

    My card idles at around 49C - how hot is normal during gameplay? Especially a demanding game like Company of Heroes or STALKER? I think the highest I've clocked it is at 63C... (And this is with the fan on 100%)
  4. BU/\/\P
  5. your temps are fine,i suggest u RMA your card
  6. There's a correction I needed to make - I have a 500 Watt PSU.

    Does this make a difference? There's a Wattage Calculator on the ASUS website that suggested a 550W PSU.
  7. Shameless bump again...
  8. what are the specs of your PSU ?
  9. Your PSU is fine,just checked it

    Maybe u should RMA your card
  10. Had this VPU recovery error on a 1950GT once, turned out to be the memory on the card failing.
  11. I can't... I had to remove the Serial Number from the box for the refund...
  12. It should still be covered if you have a copy of it (most likely somewhere on the card it self). All you have to do is ask for RMA ticket either from manufacturer or retailer.
  13. I have an old Alienware rig that I might try this card out on.

    It's a Socket 939 AMD 3000+ ATH64 processor, and it has two old 6600GTs in it.

    Would this be an okay rig to test the card on?
  14. What is the power supply of it ?
  15. 650W in the Alienware.
  16. OK test in it and post thre results.
  17. am having the exact same problem .... in Prince of persia 2008, GRID and burnout paradise...
    the game locks up and monitor says no signal then comes back on and pc restarts on its own or crashes to the desktop with vpu recovery message i installed 9.3 drivers still same problem..
  18. I had the same problem (sorry for my English). Ive installed all the updates for XP, then i updated my drivers to top, but it doesn't work. BUT! I was installing drivers without ATI panel, only the driver. The last version of drivers on time of writing the post is 27/01/10 (catalyst 10.1 or something, dont remember)- installing this helped the video to run for an hour, copmparing to 4 minutes before using this drivers. After being stopped again(DAMN), i ve decided to slow down the clocking of card in ATI panel- originally it was 650-400 MHz, then ive made it 400-400 and black screen of death dissapeared for ages. I had very much troubles with this, so i hope it would help somebody. Dont feel any differience in games.
    the only thing for thinking is the count of triubles with this card- like ATI_AMD cant create a stable hardware.
  19. also, my 350w is enough for 4200 athlon 4650 and 2gb 800mhz memory. so its not the reason of problem.
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