hey i was looking to buy an upgrade for my video card i currently have an 8800 gts 320mb and i was thinking about about getting this geforce 9600 gso 1gb http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150340 or the 9800 gt 512mb http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150316 would these be an upgrade? i was also wondering what the difference was between gddr2 or gddr3 was, or if you have any other recomendations for around a 50 dollar price difference that would be great, so just give me some ideas because i am a noob and too dumb to figure this stuff out for myself.
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  1. What resolution do you game at (1680x1050, 1440x900 ? etc.) The 9600GSO with DDR2 would not be much of an upgrade for you, if any. The 9800GT would be an upgrade. Other cards to look at would be the HD4830 @$95 after rebate
    HD4850 @ $130 after rebate
    9800GTX+ @$140 after rebate
  2. agreed, 9600GSO is not an upgrade for you.

    FROM Gaming Graphics Charts Q3/2008
    Sum of FPS Benchmarks 1680x1050

    ATI Radeon HD 4870 512 MB : 595.80 fps
    NVIDIA Geforce GTX 260 896 MB 587.80
    NVIDIA Geforce 9800 GTX+ 512 MB : 570.40 fps
    ATI Radeon HD 4850 512 MB : 536.50 fps
    NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GT 512 MB : 488.40 fps (about the same as a 9800GT)
    NVIDIA Geforce 9600 GT 1024 MB : 434 fps (about the same as a GSO)
    NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GTS 320 MB : 401.20 fps ( YOURS ! )

    SRY no 4830 in the TOMS chart ! but its in par with the 8800gt-9800gt but cheaper !

    the REAL upgrade is in the HD4870-GTX260-9800GTX+

    The best BANG for the buck ... 4850-4830

    Have fun !

    P.S. if you play @ 1440 or 1024 you dont really need more than a HD4830-9800gt
  3. thanks for the responses guys, my monitor is a 24 inch 1080p asus. so i like to play at 1920x1080 but for most games but that doesn't work great with a few like the new gta barely runs at 1680x1050. so mainly i kind of would just like to spend between 100-150 and the reason i was drawn to that 9800 gt is because of the call of duty 4 and 5 games that come with it for free. so i would like to get that card if it is worth the money and comparable to the rest at that price range and also if it is an upgrade to my videocard.

    i also had another question, i like to watch videos at the same time that i play games on my computer i did this when i played wow but now all the games i play take alot more to play so i can't do that. i was wondering if i could get one of these video cards and run two monitors off two separate cards without doing sli or crossfire.

    sorry for all the questions guys i have a lot but i appreciate your help.
  4. personally never tryed multiple différent card for multiple display, but i think you are fine. you can use one card for one display.

    The 9800GT is an upgrade for you. but not that much. As i told, the HD4870 or GTX+ or GTX260 is the real upgrade.

    GTA4 need lots of GPU mem to run on HIGH settings and an OCed duo or Quad. you cant use HIGH detail with a 512mb card. You need the GTX260 or HD4870 to run GTA4 on HIGH.

    +++ the res you use .. :( sorry but you need a good card to go 1900x1080
  5. If you are going at 1920x1080 I would recommend more than your $150 budget to be honest. You could try with a HD4850 but if you like anti-aliasing then you probably want more card, maybe the 1GB version of that card as it is quite popular right now.

    The HD4870 would be a solid card at the levels you are seeking. The 4850x2 1GB as well though that is a bit over $200. The 9800GTX fits in to the price range as well though the other two seem to be better values.
  6. ok cool, well i went ahead and bought two 9800 gts they should get here tomorrow, i am impatient and seem to like to always spend more than i should lol. any ideas on how that might compare to the cards you guys are talking about?
  7. 9800gts ?
  8. forgive me but ill again speak about GTA4 ... it dont support SLI atm ...

    BUT ! if your not playing this game, youll be enjoyed by your SLI. Im pleased with mine. SLI will help for the high res+adding some AA and detail.
  9. that kind of blows, but i have it on xbox anyways so i don't play it alot. the only reason i like to play it sometimes is because i can save replays. but i hear sli is pretty cool i'm excited to try it out when my cards get here tomorrow! is there possible a forum or post on this site that will tell me how to set it up or is it pretty simple?
  10. its pretty simple.

    Put the 2 cards in ... ;) with the SLI bridge in place.

    You can do a fresh install of the newest MOBO-GPU driver to be sure everything is up to date. In the Nvidia control panel, youll see a SLI disable-enable box ! Thats it.
  11. well i should be getting it later on today! but whats the mobo-gpu driver? i'll let ya know how it goes.
  12. one more thing. where would i be able to get an sli bridge? i got my cards today and was thinking for some reason that they might come with one.
  13. depend on the mobo, it can work flawlessly without the sli bridge ... if not, look at newegg, or any GPU company sites !
  14. ok cool. disregard that mobo driver question i was just being dumb, well i can't find enable sli in nvidia control panel might that just mean that i need a bridge to get it working?
  15. maybe yes !
  16. looks like my mobo is incompatible with sli... :( guess i should have checked that before going through all this trouble buying it and trying to figure it out... can any of you tell me what would be as good or better than sli 9800 gt?
  17. What is your MOBO ????

    The best card for your money you can get is the 4870. BANG for the BUCK.

    Nvidia fan, you can go for GTX260.

    cheaper would be HD4850-9800GTX+
  18. i've got a ASUS P5Q DELUXE 775. it is crossfire but not sli. i have never tried ati, just had an nvidia first and liked that, but i'm sure i would like the 4870 if everyone else thinks it is good.
  19. ok i think i want to get the 4870 or the GTX260 but there are so many options with those cards, like manufacurer wise, different size memory and such, i think i would go for 1gb mem but any suggestions on manufacters boulard? could you put some links up if you have any?
  20. i'm thinkin i'll get this card


    but i guess manufacturer doesn't really matter so much except like warrentee wise is that right? i might like a better deal than this one but it seems like a decent price compared to the other ones i saw plus it looks really cool!
  21. CF 4850 or 4830 can be an option too !
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