Hello all. I recently read an article saying how several large companies have been working on a GUI and mouse oritentated replacement to the BIOS. Apparently, MSI is switching from BIOS to UEFI for the upcoming release of sandy bridge. Anybody have any opinions on this? Heres a comparison of looks:

this should be interesting :lol:
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  1. If this article


    holds true, then I feel really, really good about UEFI coming about. It is true, it has been too long for BIOS.
  2. NOOOOO!!!!! I want my BIOS the way it is. OCing is an art form and a science that should only be attempted by people who can READ and understand guides,etc. With a GUI set up, this is going to tempt a lot more people to try and OC and the Forums are going to be flooded with people who just want the settings and be spoonfed the info....
  3. JEEZ! Thread resurection! But anyway...yeah, BIOS has been long enough. Time for something new.
  4. Damn it! I didn't look at post dates.....
  5. Shadow703793 said:
    Damn it! I didn't look at post dates.....

    Its ok. Last time i checked, thread resurection required thread participation when it originially origantes, and due to the lack of participation, thread resurection is less frowned upon ;) Thread lose is 5....4.... :D
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