[Solved] Missing OS error message

In my haste to try out the Windows 8 preview, I made a new partition. However, When it warned me about making it a simple partition, I ignored it thinking that I could still use that for a data drive and use a third partition I had as my windows 8 partition.

After rebooting, I received a missing OS error message no doubt being that all my partitions were turned simple instead of just the one I made. I then used the MSI Recovery which did nothing, but likely removed any and all files I had(no big deal though).

Next, I tried my Google-fu to find an answer. It suggested to restore the Master Boot Record, but that did nothing once again. I used this http://bit.ly/iZN0A tutorial, but in step 3, I didn't even see Windows mentioned. However, I did see my main OS partition and both other partitions on the disk, so I know it's not dead.

Do you folks have any other ideas?

Also, what side effects would there be if I just reinstalled? I have the OEM disk that came with my desktop and there's a product key on the notebook. I'm worried that if I ever need to reinstall again for any reason, my product key will be rejected.
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  1. missing OS usually means that the link to your boot sector is messed up...when this happens i start anew...sometimes this can be fixed without having to change anything...just select the repair windows option and see what happens
  2. you should be able to reinstall without any problems if the OEM disk is the original one....also, if you decide to start anew all your info, pics and movies will be lost if they are saved in the USER folder....
  3. I agree, you gonna have to repair the installation, that will probably solve it. However if not, simply go clean install.

    Regarding key rejection, dont worry, it will be fine
  4. whoops, I forgot to mention that I already tried the repair, but Windows 7 doesn't appear in the list of installed operating systems

    The OEM disk didn't actually come with this PC. However, it's for Windows 7 Home Premium and the product code on the problem pc says it's for Windows 7 Home Prem OA. Do you think it will still work?

    Also, thanks for the quick replies.
  5. Never mind about the different versions. Windows 7 refuses to install on my C: drive. It's reported to be a Dynamic drive and I get the error message

    "Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition. See the Setup log files for more information"

    I get the same error message after I try formatting it.

    Is there a bootable partition manager that will let me change it from a dynamic disk to something Windows will let me install on?
  6. Sorry for the triple post, but I've solved it!

    I contacted MSI and they said that my warranty won't be void if I open my laptop, so I took the hard drive out of it and put it in my desktop. I then used the windows partition manager to change the HDD back to a basic disk and recreated my partitions. I then popped it back into my laptop and used the MSI recovery software (which is actually pretty awesome - took only 10-15 minutes to restore it to factory condition) to get back to windows.
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