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I just built a new computer and am using a hyper 212 plus with two fans (the one it came with and another cheap rosewill one) and the thermal grease it came with and I am getting load temperatures of about 54-56.
Is this normal?
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  1. Well... what CPU do you have???

    Regardless those temps are fairly nice
  2. amd phenom 2 955 @ 3.2ghz 1.400v
  3. just hit a new high with p95 58c
  4. Well I don't know if those are "good" temps for the CPU and cooler, however, they're most certainly safe temps.
  5. You have a 1.4Vcore quad core PhII, I'd say your good. Your less then 75c, your actually less then 60c so I'd say your ok.
  6. ya but i wanted to overclock it but going up past about 3.5ghz causes BSOD. Im thinking of taking it off completly and putting as5 on it instead of the stock TIM (which I think I put to much of)
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    When in doubt, remounting is always a good idea.

    As for the BSODs... those tend to happen when you overclock until you get the right voltages. If vcore isn't doing it then I guess you'll have to look up some OC guides to see what you need to do.
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