Can't fit the graphics card... Please HELP!!!!!!

Hi everyone,

I am building a gaming pc for the first time and I never had an idea that I should notice the size of the graphic cards. Based on a number of good reviews, I got a sapphire radeon 4850 x2 and a APEVIA X-TELSTAR-RD Red/ Black Aluminum ATX Full Tower case.

The card is so long that it does not even fit into the case. I just need one 3.5'' bay in the case but looks like there is no way to remove them to make space. They are all riveted into the case. Can anybody please suggest me a way to fit it into the box? I really do not want to return this card...

Also, Here is all the list of things that I got just in case if you can see if there is any other thing that I have overlooked.

Thanks very much!!!!
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  1. I guess you could always break out the old hacksaw...or look into a bigger case.
  2. this might be a solution. This happened to my dell precision 390. It often happenes at dells.
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