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guys i had 2 identical wd 500 hdds on raid 0 connected on gygabyte ud5 intel raid controller (ex 58 chipset) well the raid 0 used to fail quite often so i decided to separate the array and have 2 separate disks disks. THe os is loaded onto c: and the other volume which was split now has letters f: and e: anyway the hard drives e: f: keep connecting and disconnecting while the pc is on. what shall i do? defrag them? scan for bad sectors? or slow format them? any help is appreciated
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  1. First thing to do is to swap the SATA cable to make sure it isn't just a connection issue.
  2. i ve tried it and its not :??:
  3. Next things to try are probably a different motherboard port and to run a utility such as "DiskCheckup" to see if the drive's SMART data is indicating any problems.
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