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My Cruzer Contour is of 16GB. To use it in MAC i had to format it and it worked fine but when using it back to windows the size detected is just 200MB and no formatting of whatsoever helps! It detects the size capacity just 200MB! Urgent help needed! Thank You
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  1. What format is it?
  2. It wasn't clear in the original post which Operating System was used to do the initial formatting. If it was formatted on a Mac it's probably HFS+ or HFSX. Windows won't recognize HFS+ or HFSX.

    If it was formatted in Windows and then used on the Mac, was it properly unmounted before it was unplugged from the Mac? If it wasn't properly unmounted, that could cause some problems. You can download try a freeware tool like TestDisk to analyze and attempt to fix it.
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