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asus p5n7a-vm mobo built in audio gpu,sound.antec basiq 500w .thermatek case ,samsung spinpoint1 tb,lg 22x dvd r/w, ocz ram max. stuck between q6600 or e8400 cpu>let me know what cpu u would do for my setup , and does it sound ok first build
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  1. Q6600 if you rip DVDs with compression often or if you play FSX or GTA4. E8400 otherwise.
  2. no gaming at all but ripping yes
  3. If you are ripping, spend the extra $15 and get the E8500. It will outperform both.
  4. LOL, E8500 outperform a Q6600 at compressing videos? Maybe with bad software that uses a single core or two. With DVD Shrink the Q6600 is way ahead.
  5. Sorry dude, I got great software. I run 3 computers, 2 w/ E8500 and 1 w/ Q6600. I've ran side by side comparison for 5 months+. E8500 wins..Look at the benchmarks
  6. +1 for the Q6600. @aford10 - you're picking a fight with one of the most knowledgeable posters in these forums. You don't have "great software" if it's not quad core optimized. Quad cores are always better at video stuff unless you're using software that can't use four cores as aevm said.

    OP - you should listen to aevm, I've seen some posts by aford10 that made me scratch my head. Aevm is much more knowledgeable, take his advice.
  7. Q6600 all the way
  8. I respect aevm and shortstuff. I have read many of their posts and they are very knowledgeable. However, when it comes to ripping and video editing, this is what I do. Slysoft is one of the best, if not the best ripping software out there. You don't have to take my word, google it. I personally use both, the E8500 and the Q6600, the E8500 is faster. The benchmarks are there to back me up. There is long standing debate over this. However, what most people don't take into consideration, is what ELSE you are doing besides ripping (this is assuming you are ripping in the first place). Ripping by itself doesn't take 4 cores. Very few games even utilize all 4 cores. It's what you do in addition to that single task that make the difference. The Q6600 is a quality cpu, no doubt, but head to head, the e8500 is faster.
  9. Hey, no worries, we're not taking it personally when somebody has a different opinion. Or at least, we shouldn't :)

    My bad, I shouldn't have said "bad software". That's ambiguous. If Slysoft has the right features, a GUI that makes sense, doesn't crash, and handles things that similar programs can't, then it's wonderful software. I've never seen it so I can't comment on any of those points :) Who cares if it's not optimized to use all the cores of a quad yet. That is less important and will probably be improved later.
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