Intel Core I3 Voltage Question?

Hey guys, whats going on? I have a quick question about raising the voltage on this CPU.

CPU Vcore Voltage
CPU VTT Voltage
CPU PLL Voltage
PCH Voltage
IGD Voltage

When overclocking this processor, Which of these do i tinker with and what is the safest voltage for hitting a good overclock? Thanks

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  1. Dont everyone answer all at once.............. :)
  2. Okay so I have my i3 clocked to just over 4GHz and it is still safe to run 24/7. My RAM is also overclocked and running at 1t. System is fully stable and Voltage settings are -

    CPU- 1.27v
    RAM- 1.59v
    VTT- 1.17
    PLL- 1.81
    PCH- 1.05
    Tony O TooL

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