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I recently rebuilt my tower, it has completely new parts with the exception of my HD's and my graphics card. Here are my system specs:

Asus P5Q Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Quad CPU (Q9550)
GeForce 7600GT Graphics Card
2 Gig RAM
2 200 Gig HD's
2 Optical Drives
Antec Basiq 500 watt PSU

I was thinking about upgrading my graphics card into the 8 series GeForce Cards but I wasn't sure if my PSU can handle it. Would my PSU be enough?
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  1. It's good enough for a 9800GTX+ or even a HD 4850. Don't bother with the 8 series, that's history.
  2. i know the 8 series is out of date, but i honestly don't know much about power usage in my tower. i was concerned that between the Quad Core and a new qraphics card it would put too much strain on my system.
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