Netgear wnr3500 router not compatible with windows vista?

i just bought Netgears RangeMax Wireless_N Gigabit Router WNR3500. i got home and tried to install the setup disk, it tells me it will not install because the installer does not support Windows Vista 64-Bit, what can i do? is there a way i can do it manually?
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    This is a common problem with domestic networking equipment which tends to assume you are using a domestic version of the operating system.

    Unless there's a way to get Vist64 to emulate 32 you will have to set up the router manually.

    Frankly, that shouldn't be a problem -- I've never used the CD which came with our router -- but I suggest you download the full manual from Netgear's support site (or it may be on the CD). Netgear also has a good user forum, so guidance is available 24/7.
  2. thank you fihart for the response, i will be doing it myself, i will check their forums for a way to do it myself, thanks again for the advise and your time.
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