Dell 9200C Q6600 - Can't OC using BSEL or SetFSB

I am running stock cooling with 4gb of DDR2 memory at 5300 speed (2gb at 5300 and 2 at 6400)

I tried using the BSEL mod to use tape over one of the CPU pads and one using copper tape to join 2 pads together. (The system does not start up and has this really loud and scratchy beeping)

I also tried OC'ing using SetFSB, but my system locks up once I get to 300mhz. (Clock Generator SLG505YC56DT)

The only thing I have not tried is using the conductive pen mod or the pencil mod (whatever that is), but I am not sure if I should even try it if I am having problems with the 2 that seem to get the most success. :??:

Any suggestions or am I just stuck at my 2.4Ghz CPU and 266Mhz bus.

Any help would be great!
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  1. You are pretty much stuck unless you decide to replace your motherboard.
  2. Well that sux. :( Guess I can looking into a cheaper alternative, including a new case...
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