Memory bandwith different in CCC and GPU Z (4850)


I have a Gigabyte 4850 1GB factory overclocked @ 700/993 mhz. The thing is that the memory bandwidth on CCC and GPUZ comes different.

In GPU-Z its 63.6GB/s
In CCC its 59 GB/s

How can i know which is the actual one for this card? I believe that 63.6 GB/s is standard for 4850.

Thanks in advance
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  1. What if factory O.C cards get well only with those drivers provided by vendor...
  2. hmmm, i do have 9.1 installed and i think my card came with 8.9.

    I havent tried 8.9 yet. Could that be the issue? But then again, wouldnt GPU-Z show the same then?
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