Intel DP35DP Three Long Beeps in POST for RAID Setup

I built a new system in June last year, Q9450, DP35DP, 8GB, Geforce 7300LE. I bought a second 500GB SATA drive to make my first RAID system. Here is the RAID setup:
System: Raid 0 - 100 GB
Data: Raid 1 - 400 GB
Each hard drive is 500 GB individually. I am able to install windows xp and every thing is fine except this issue:

Whenever I have to reboot my system, it does not. It just gives me three long POST beeps and the screen stays dark for ever. The only way is to power off the systm. Tun it back ON and press the ON switch on the case.

I looked for three long POST beeps and seems to be related to keyboard. The key board is fine so I just changed the USB sockets couple of times.

Before this I had Vista 64 bit with no RAID and signle HD and every thing was fine. I am thinking it is a RAID isse. So I need help from my ultimate gurus.
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  1. Hello ijazakhtar,

    I am not very familiar with RAIDS, in terms of me never actually having had one running. However, I do know this if you have two HDD you may wish to use them in a RAID configuration, on the other hand you cannot as far as I know have two different RAID configuration (0 and 1) on the same pair of HDD. I think this may be causing your problem. You either choose to have one harddrive mirror the other or have the two combine into a logical 1 Terrabyte drive.

    Thats all I can say about this issue (sorry).

    Kind Regards
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