Yet another thread asking for advice on a new build

Sorry for being another of the countless people coming here just to ask for advice on a new build, hopefully some of you either don't mind or are bored enough that you're willing to waste your time to answer my questions. Any help is much appreciated and I thank you for your time.

For it's intended use, I want to be able to game fairly well at 1920x1200. I do intend to overclock in the future. There's no specific budget but I don't want to spend an excessive amount unless it's justified by the increase in performance.

CPU: Can't decide between a dual or a quad, mostly a cost thing. For dual, E8500, for quad Q9550/Q9650. For the Q9550, is there any way to guarantee the E0 stepping? Also does the E0 stepping give that big of an increase?

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P

Video Card: XFX GX260NADBF GeForce GTX 260 or XFX HD-487A-ZDDC Radeon HD 4870 I have no preference between ATI or Nvidia. Which would be better for my intended use?

Memory: I'm really at a loss as to which memory I should get.

Power Supply: PC Power & Cooling S75CF 750W I've heard the DOA rate is pretty bad on this one though, is there a better one I could get?

Case: Antec 900 or CM 690 Mostly interested in the air flow, is the cooler master as good as the antec 900? Also will these be large enough to fit everything in fine?

HDD: Western Digital Caviar Black WD6401AALS

Optical Drive: SAMSUNG Black

CPU Cooler: Again, no idea.

Suggestions on any part would be great. Once again, thank you for your time.
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  1. Well if you open to option AMD:

  2. Go for the nvidia video card since there are so many more OC options
  3. do you have any recommendations for sli motherboards? or would a gtx 260 do well enough on its own for two years or so?
  4. Batuchka's build is pretty nice really.

    If you look at my guide, stickied at the top of the forum, there's a discussion of dual vs. quad that might help you.

    I would only recommend X58 boards right now for SLI, meaning you would need to go i7.

    I'm sure the XFX card is very nice, but you would save quite a bit on the Sapphire version, and it's better cooled:

    The 750W will handle 2 4870s, but would struggle with 2 GTX 260s.... or at least the margin is too tight.

    You can get a gigabyte X58 board and an i7 920 bundled together for $480. That's not bad really.

    The CM 690 is the roomier of the two cases. Both have great air flow.
  5. Having trouble deciding between Quad and Duo?

    Not on a tight budget?

    Planning on overclocking?

    Want guaranteed E0 stepping?

    Then have a look at this fancy new Intel Q9550S.

    It has a 5 degree higher thermal limit than the non-S version--might just be the ideal overclocking processor that you've been looking for.
  6. batuchka said:

    4870 into 4870 x2 would be better with a 750 psu :D
  7. lol I wish I had enough for a 4870 x2, would take a lot more needle pokes than planned if I wanted to get one although once I figure out my total build cost I'll consider it. For now I'm just planning to pick up another 4870 or gtx 260 to sli/crossfire when I get a job in the future.

    As for the Q9550S, from the prices I saw it was about $40 more than the Q9650. Wouldn't I be better off going with a Q9650?

    All the suggestions and advice are much appreciated.
  8. I picked up the Q9650 because it has a higher multiplier for $40 the other day. Worth it probably not because its just .5, but I would recommend going with 8 gigs of ram(quad core) or 6 gigs of ram (I7) at the minimum. DDR2 800 is fine for memory with no overclocking. If you are going to overclock look at 1066 because it is rated higher for people that are going to overclock. DDR3 is expensive but required if you go I7. Look at gaming benchmarks with I7 thought before you think because it is faster in most things it should be faster in gaming. Just my $.02
  9. At that price level, it's surely not the best value out there, but if I were to overclock a Quad, then the Q9550S is the one that I'd go with, if I had the budget. Think a little more about whether you want quad or duo and do read Proximon's guide--it's very helpful.

    My sense is that if you're looking for an overclocked gaming rig to play on a 24" monitor, then your best route is to go with a fast Duo and spend your savings on the graphics card instead, leaving open the option of using a second graphics card later.

    For processors, the E8500 is fine, but also have a look at the new E7500. That might fit the bill too.
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