need upgrade help with 3 gtx 285 ftw's, DRM and 2 new ssd drives.

so i find myself in need of some help. I am upgrading my PC. Currently i have a QX9650 i run clocked between 3.6 or 4 ghz as i run my ram linked and synced with ddr3 1600 on an EVGA 790i ultra sli. I have a raptor 150gig as my primary and a 1 tera seagate (not the the lame twainese bios, mines 04) for my games/media. anywho i am putting in two intel ssd drives 80gigs and replacing my 3 8800gtxs with 3 285 evga FTW's. My question is mulit parted. Can set up a raid 0+1 since my ssd add up to more space then my raptor. making the ssd bootible for speed and the raptor a back up. all while keeping my orignal install/settings. clone maybe?

Next part. can i install the graphicx cards without completeling screwing up vista 64's DRM. or can i transfer my games/movies already loaded safely to the new configuration without a complete uninstall, reinstall, reactivate B$. When i added an extra 8800gtx last time it messed all my DRM up.
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  1. Well i got things working. Pulled off the clone ran awsome for few hours in striped mode. once i felt safe reconnecting and formating my raptor an hour or so...system crashed and required a fresh instal anyways. Go figure. But its running awesome.

    The solid state drive are an excellant addition even if there not intels 32gig SLC but rather the 80gig MLC's raided up. Sandra puts my HD bandwidth at 388.543 MB/s

    Real world boot times into windows are better but not quite as rad as some reviewers have made SSD's sound on various sites (including tom's). Though once windows is running the beneifts are much more prenouced in program loads and games.

    Finally in respect to the EVGA 285GTX FTW's in tri-sli. ITs really nice to play crysis completely maxed out at 8x filtering on a 1080p screen! WOW is all i have to say. Synthenics all posted a bit higher. from my 3 8800gtx's (cpu at 4ghz) my top score 3dmark06 was 20843 jumped to 21697. Not excatly what i had hoped for considering theses are the fastest single gpu GTX's on the market and i have 3.

    So my two cents. if your running an 8800 series card (gtx/utlra even the flawed g92's) , unless you really have to have crysis maxed out settings a fitlers at 60 fps....don't bother! Just wait for the 300 series. Guess you could say I was just itching to work on my machine and nothing was broken ;)

    last crysis note. only with 16x filtering did my system begin to struggle. and even then the frame rate is playible!!! 30-50 fps.
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