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can I run Sonar 7 on Windows 7 64-bit? I don't need the new features they have in Sonar 8.5 and don't want to learn the new version. Anybody tried it? Nothing on CW forums.
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  1. You can try to run it in compatibility mode for say Vista or XP after you have installed it, i.e. right click on the icon and go from there.
  2. mhgraet said:
    Nothing on CW forums.

    Cakewalk forum search results
  3. Thanks for advice, I tried XP compatibility mode just to have it on Win 7 but had to uninstall it as I had motoboating on my soundcard ever since, and still have it sometimes. I don't think I trust their compatibility mode. It seemed to slow down the whole system, too, even when I wasn't using it. I disabled it, I'll probably have to just buy Sonar 8.5.
  4. Also, I just tried to install Dimension Pro (full version that I bought in addition to Sonar 7 producer but now comes free in Sonar 8.5 producer). It said there were errors trying to install, so I guess even Dim Pro doesn't work on Win 7 (sans compatibility mode, which I suspect creates problems). Has anyone else tried this?
  5. What sound card do you have? Any Creative product is almost bound to cause issues. Compatibility mode shouldn't create any problems at all... if your system is slowing down or you're having weird issues with your sound it's likely due to the drivers rather than an issue with compatibility mode.
  6. It's called Realtek High Definition Audio (driver and came with my HP. Kind of hard to tell the exact model number and HP has not posted any new drivers for Win 7. The system is running much faster since I disable XP compatibility mode, but I also did some other things to the system using CA PC-Tuneup, not sure what to credit.
  7. When using compatibility mode, only the program you designate to run in compatibility mode actually runs in compatibility mode... not the entire OS. Try updating your Realtek drivers... it's not exactly high-end audio, but it should still do the job.
  8. Thanks for info, maybe it was a coincidence, but performance is better now and I'm reluctant to reactivate compatibility mode again. I loaded Sonar 7 and it seems to be okay so far.

    By the by, I've had Outlook 2007 freeze enough times I took it off and put on Outlook 2003 again, which still freezes sometimes. Never did this in Vista or XP, so maybe there's something else going on.

    I am still cautiously optimistic about Windows 7 as things run much faster than they did on Vista (same machine).

    Still get motorboating when I use itunes, for just a few seconds at a time, about once every 30 minutes. I use the Delta 66 sound card, but the master volume for that still goes through the windows volume control (I guess that's normal?).
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