790i Ultra Sli / core 2 extreme e9770 / 4 x 2 gb dominator DDR3 1600

Alrighty, I know just enough about bios settings to get myself into trouble. And right now I am having the most difficult time understanding what ratio I should set my RAM at.

Here are my specs:
790i Ultra Sli
Core 2 Extreme E9770 3.2, 400 FSB
4 x 2 GB Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600, 9-9-9-24 1.8v

The board comes with some AWESOME clocking features from auto, linked, unlinked, synched…. Basically I had been running it in auto but the speeds and voltages for the RAM, etc. have been creating random instability. I am looking for a stable setup. The auto list for the memory is setting the voltage to 1.5 and random latencies. And I have found a stable set up by synching the FSB to the memory at 1:2. But I just don’t know much about ratios to know if this is an optimal setting or even one I should running at. I don’t want to push the bar on the hardware, just tweak it a bit to get better performance without a significant chance of damaging the components. I have been googling around but can’t find any simple explanation of ddr3 ratio to FSB that I can make sense of.

Currently I have the processor multiplier at x9 for 3.6ghz. The auto setting for the FSB and memory has it linked at 1600 at a 3:2 or something. This was not stable. I synched the memory to FSB at 1600 and it is stably running at a 1:2 now at 1.5v. Can someone help me out and kind of walk me through the process? I am trying to teach myself and learn the correct way to do this as I go along.
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  1. Ok I guess I should rephrase this question.

    I am looking for help on correctly matching my RAM to my CPU. I have been reading for days different equations on how to figure out what an optimum ratio is, but all the guides are doing is confusing the heck out of how I should be calculating it.

    My CPU is core 2 extreme E9770 with a 400FSB. The board maxes at 1600FSB. I have the multiplier set to x9 for 3600ghz so I guess the true fsb is 400 per core. I am upgrading to 8gb of RAM and picked up 4 2gb sticks of DDR3 1600mhz PC3-12800. I have the memory setting at ‘Linked’ and the ratio set to ‘synched’ which brought the memory speed from 1066 up to 1600. It seems to run stable and CPUZ is showing a 1:2 ratio. But I am still trying to understand these ratios correctly since every guide seems to explain them differently.

    I am just trying to find out if I did this correctly or if I am missing out on the full capability of my RAM.

    I don’t need a walk through on voltages and latency, just an idea of how to match the RAM to the FSB correctly and if the setting I have it at now is too high or too low.
  2. You could also verify the timings, but if your RAM shows 1600Mhz you should be done.
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