How could I test my psu without my motherboard?


I am currently ordering my computer parts incrementally (but they will all be here before the 30 day warranties from newegg run off) today I ordered my psu, hdd, ram, and dvd drive, in two weeks (next paycheck) I will be getting my motherboard/cpu.

I was wondering if there is a way I could test my power supply before my motherboard got here so I know whether or not I'd have to RMA it now. Could I maybe just plug it into a wall and turn it on and see if it runs, or does it have to be under load? I have my case and 3 case fans I can hook up to it (2 120mm, 1 230mm) if I need to, to see if it runs.

Anyways, just seeing if there is anything I can do at the moment to test it, since it's better to know if it's DOA now rather than when I get the rest of my parts in my opinion.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Here is my PSU if needed:
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  1. I believe you just need to jump a green and black cable, so plug it in, switch the PSU on, and jump any green and black cable with paper clips. Make sure you don't jump the wrong cables lol.
  2. Oh yea, forgot to add that once you jump it, the fan should start spinning if the PSU works, otherwise you have a very weird PSU or it is dead or you didn't do it correctly. You could also use a volt meter or something, costs around 20 bucks, just plug in all the PSU cables and press 'go' :)
  3. lol ok thanks, would the green and black cable on the 24 pin mobo connector work? and I am pretty sure that you meant to have the psu off before I jump the cables right? You worded it like, turn it on, then set up the jumper, wouldn't that possibly kill me? xD.

    Unless you are attempting a virtual assassination or something ;)
  4. Ugh.... you've gotta be trying to mess with me.

    See the little button on the back of your psu with the 'O' and the 'l'? Make sure the 'l' is in the down position, which makes sure that the circuit is complete and your psu is receiving power. Take a conductive paper clip (i.e. not coated with plastic) and the biggest connector with 20 or 25 pins, and find a green and black cable on that connector. Poke one end of the paper clip in each pin, and the fan should start spinning if the power supply works.
  5. If it's too complicated for you to accomplish such a feat, buy a volt meter ;)
  6. lol na I got it, no problem, was just messing with you ;x
  7. Right, so you got it to work?
  8. yeah, its fine, thanks ^^
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