Intel 945GCLF dead

I think I inserted a PCI-WLAN card into the boards PCI-Slot "mirrored", that is, with its end pointing in the wrong direction, and tried to switch the computer on. Now the board refuses to boot, even with the card removed, the fans don't start, and it doesn't even give a beep. Is there any hope of reviving the board?
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    Unless you took a saw to the card, there is little chance you inserted it backwards.
    Not only would the backplate stop you from inserting the card when it hits the motherboard, PCI cards are keyed to fit only one way.

    Check for any unplugged power cables.
    Unplug and reseat everything.
    Check to make sure your power switch was not knocked loose.

    If you locate nothing obvious, post back your full system specs.
  2. Hi,

    thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, the PCI-Card-connector looks identical in both directions (there are not only two seperate connectors, but three, and I removed the backplate manually to fit it in the small mini-itx-case. Image:

    I think that there are (quite sure, checked a lot of times) no disconnected cables, and the green Power-LED of the board is on.
    I already tried a lot of configurations, with RAM, without RAM, with HDD, without HDD and combinations.
    I think just mainboard power and Power switch connection (no audio or USB-connections to the case, even no RAM!) should be enough to get a least a beep from the motherboard when pressing the power button. Is this correct, or does the BIOS need RAM to work?

    The power button works, I measured its resistance to be zero if pressed, and very high otherwise.

    I'm really clueless now.

    If there is a chance my board survived a mirrored PCI-card with the given symptoms, I will go on tomorrow.

    Thanks so far,
    Freaky Bob
  3. Since the above picture is not working:
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