2 PC's, 2 Monitors, 2 KVM switchs - Need Help Connecting it All.

I have a Desktop PC with a video card that has dual DVI-I ports. I have a laptop (in a docking station that has a VGA port and a DVI-D port. I have 2 KVM switches that have all VGA connections. I also have 2 VGA lcd monitors.

I need to be able to use the 2 monitors at the sametime with each PC, without haveing to move wires around when i want to switch between the PC and the Laptop. IS this possible to do with using 2 KVM switches?

My other question is, do those $5 DVI-D Male to VGA female adapters really work? I have a DVI-D female port on my Laptop and would need one of those adapters t connect the VGA monitor cord from the KVM switch to it.

Will this setup even work?

Thank all!
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  1. I know this post is old, but in case some one else runs into the same question, there is a solution. The two KVMs that I have take separate mouse and keyboard inputs and have one usb output for them. If you run the combined output of the first KVM into the keyboard input on the second KVM and use a different key stroke to operate each KVM it can work. One of the PC's will have two usb connections coming in and the other will have only one. I am not sure if I explained this well, but it works. Much cheaper than buying a dual port KVM, especially if you already have the single port KVMs. To switch both monitors, you will have to issue both sets of key strokes. To go back to the other PC, issue the sets of key strokes in reverse order.

    Although the OP has probably moved on, it is important to note that this would probably not work with his laptop because it likely has only one vga out. You would have to buy something like the EVGA UV+ (which I use with my laptop in this setup) to get a second display.

    I also use the DVI to VGA adapter included with the EVGA UV+ and it works fine.
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