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Hello, i have 4 partition 250 hard.. and was a virus in F partion and if i open it machine get stuck.. and i tried format it without installing xp. but it was not worked. so using xp i delete all partition and recreated it.. and after installing fresh copy of xp, i started to open that F drive..but window pops up saying need to format and i tried just right click and format it. but still it is not formatted while other partitions are okay . storage also shows that partion as healthy but still get stuck with machine while i m trying to format it. please tell me how to format that partition. Thank you
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  1. I'm no expert but try right clicking on My Computer and go to manage. This will open a console that you should see disk management in. See if the partition is there and check that it is set up as a simple volume (right click on partition and have a play with it - you can't do any harm as long as you are only playing with the empty partition, so give it a go)
  2. Are you sure that the fourth partition is large enough to format? sometimes when you partition a hard drive you get a left over runt partition of say 8 megs that you cannot do anything with.
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