Is it necessary to change cpu voltage?

Well, I'm a noob in this but i did some research before overclocking my AMD athlon ll x4 630 2.8ghz

i overclocked it to 3.1 ghz but from some thread i read in forums i see people talking about voltages do i have to change the cpu voltage? cuz i didnt touch that lmao i just slide the bar to 3.1ghz and that was it.....the voltage of the cpu remains as its factory voltage.
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    As long as it's stable, you can leave the voltage how it is; there's no need to change it. However, assuming it's stable, you can turn down the voltage to decrease the power drawn as well as the heat produced. Just turn it down until it becomes unstable, and then turn it back to the last stable configuration.

    If you choose to overclock more and it becomes unstable within acceptable temperature ranges, increasing the voltage will generally cause the CPU to stabilize.
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