Thumb drive is not recognized

I am not able access the thumb drive in my laptop. When I connect the thumb drive it, I can view the storage appears with H:.. But I try to access it says "Access Denied"

It is installed with windows vista, i tried all the scenario's like change the setting in registery and ran some regcheck.bat files etc.. nothing helped..

Anyone has any info on how to unlock this or resolve this issue?

Venkatesh s
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  1. Thanks for your response.

    Your assumption is right, I am talking about the flash drive.

    The problem is, the same flash drive if I connect in another laptop or desktop it works. other laptop and desktop recongnize the flash card but my laptop is not.

    I tried the options of editing the regedit, set the usb values etc., as suggested in the website to unlock usb port. nothing helped.

    Any clue?

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