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Hi Guys,

To my surprise, my Hard disk is not detected by the Bios. Initially I thought there might be some problem with OS. So, I tried reformatting the system. But when I insert the OS installation CD I found that its throwing an error, like - The Hard disk is not connected and all, bla bla. I tried switching the SATA port also. Still no luck. Please suggest something ASAP as there lot of important datas are at stake :-(
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  1. Is that your second drive? Or the primary one?
  2. Its a primary only...
  3. Please give us some more details:
    1. Was the HDD working before?
    2. Is it a new drive that you are trying to install your OS in?
    3. Have you installed the SATA drivers?
    4. Which OS?
  4. The HDD was working day before yesterday also. I bought it like 2 years back and this is the 1st time am facing this kinda issue.Yesterday when I started my system it took long time to get into some kind of window and then I got a black screen with the error msg -"Please insert a disk to configure your system and then reboot(something like this)" I am using XP, SP3 all these days and all the driver softwares were also installed. This HDD is a Seagate 500gb 1.
  5. Could very well be a dead HDD then.

    Check your BIOS settings... There maybe some option which says how to operate your HDD. You would find mainly a few options like IDE, RAID and AHCI. Check what is selected. It should be IDE. Otherwise you would have to install the SATA drivers for XP during installation of OS by pressing F6 in the beginning.
  6. Thanks Dude, for your help. Have to check out the options...
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