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Black Screen at POST, no BIOS load, video proof

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July 28, 2010 11:52:40 PM


my system;
intel i7 920 d0 3.8ghz
asus p6tse
sapphire 5870 1gb
team xtreem 6 gb 2000 mhz 9-9-9-27(but actual settings is 1600mhz 7-8-7-21, command rate 1T )
thermaltake toughpower 750w

just as you can see at the videos, there is no BIOS load at the start of the computer. when i did not overclock system, no problem occurs.

my actual BIOS settings are also at the video. this problem seems like cold boot. I don't understand. I use 0805 BIOS.

part 1;
part 2;
part 3;

I know the videos are not good job, but this is only best way to explain my problem well.

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July 29, 2010 2:00:14 AM

just clear the CMOS.
July 29, 2010 2:40:48 AM

ok. it is a way not to get black screen. but How can I get 3.8ghz or more? did you watch videos? What to do after I have cleared CMOS?
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July 29, 2010 2:42:07 AM

Reset your bios, to get to 3.8, oc your cpu inch by inch, and determine what your computer requires for voltages all across your motherboard,
July 30, 2010 2:52:54 AM

If you've tried all the obvious and still stuck in power saving mode; this is what I did
After installing a new cpu fan w/cooler, I had disconnected all wires ; as it was necessary for the install of fan. I had two wires slightly wrong.
1) The power cable which is the 4 holes with plastic on it; I had it in reverse! Clip faces outside. Ok fixed.
2) Then those 3 little thin 2 pin wires..reset, power & hdd were incorrect. The negative wire (black) should face outside. Then insert the reset wire in the 2 pins closest to the one missing a pin. then plug in the power wire in the next 2pins; so they're touching. Now SKIP two pins & plug the HDD wire into the last pins; so there will be a space between the power & HDD wires. VOila!
July 30, 2010 4:26:41 PM

I have tried all memories by starting computer one of them. It did not help. The same problem occured again. I have also changed places of RAMs. #1 to #2, #2 to #3, #3 to #1. I did not help too.

If you want to know, My CPU temp is 77C under load. 40C-45 no under load. I use thermalright extreme 120 ultra.

My New BIOS Settings:

Ai Overclock Tuner - Manual
CPU Ratio Setting - Auto
Intel (R) SpeedStep (TM) Tech - Disabled
Intel (R) Turbo Mode Tech - Disabled
BCLK Frequency - 211
PCIE Fequency - 100
DRAM Frequency - DDR3 - 1688

DRAM CAS# Latency - 8 DRAM Clock
DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay - 8 DRAM Clock
DRAM RAS# PRE Time - 8 DRAM Clock
DRAM RAS# ACT Time - 24 DRAM Clock

(2nd formation: 2T)

CPU Voltage 1.3000v
CPU PLL Voltage - 1.90v
QPI/DRAM Core Voltage - 1.35v
IOH Voltage - 1.20v
IOH PCIE Voltage - Auto
ICH Voltage - 1.20v

DRAM Bus Voltage - 1.64v
DRAM DATA REF Voltage on CHA - Auto
DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHA - Auto
DRAM DATA REF Voltage on CHB - Auto
DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHB - Auto
DRAM DATA REF Voltage on CHC - Auto
DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHC - Auto

Load-Line Calibration - Enabled
CPU Differential Amplitude - Auto
CPU Clock Skew - Auto
CPU Spread Spectrum - Disabled
IOH Clock Skew - Auto
PCIE Spread Spectrum - Disabled

I use Team Xtreem ram kit just as I explained. Team xtreem is reliable for asus chipsets?(p6tse)