Usb files always corrupted

my usb files always corrupted. everytime i put some files then remove the usb and back it on, the files are all corrupted.
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  1. sounds like its time to replace your flash drive. you can get a 1gb online for $5 I'd get one and see if your problem goes away. If not then you know its a software issue.
  2. Do you properly unmount the USB flash drive before you unplug it from the USB port?

    Proper unmounting ensures that all data transfers to the USB flash drive have completed and then notifies you that it is safe to remove the USB flash drive.
  3. i used this command in cmd prompt.

    f: fs/:ntfs

    f: fs/:fat32

    And now its was ok.:)
  4. How to solve that?
    I have the same problem.
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