EVGA 7950GT (512MB) Overheating

Hi, I have an eVGA 7950GT (512MB) and I idle at around 55C.
Under Counter-Strike (not graphics intensive), I load at around 65C.
In Company of Heroes (somewhat graphics intensive), I load at around 80C.
Under Furmark, I went from 55C to 105C in 60 seconds.

I believe my card is overheating, as I randomly freeze in Company of Heroes after long periods of gameplay. I have unmounted my heatsink and applied new thermal paste after removing the old. I also have put a new (large) fan directly under the GPU's fan to blow cold air on the graphics card. I have also used RivaTuner to adjust my fan speed as a function of temperature threshold.

Is there anything I can do otherwise to cool down my GPU? Is it truly overheating?
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  1. So when u applied new thermal paste and adjusted the fan speed with rivatuner,did the temps get better?
  2. It began idling at 50C and loading at around 90C. This, however, still seems hot. Am I wrong?
  3. yes 90c is very high for a 7950GT,i sugget u to RAM your card
  4. 1. Clear out all dust from your case, CPU-fan, and GPU-fan .
    2. Remove HSF from GPU
    3. Reapply thermal grease
    4. Make sure fan is operating, use ATiTool
  5. Once upon a time, I had an EVGA 7950GT 512 KO, and it never got that hot playing any game. It's possible your heatsink isn't making full contact with the GPU.
  6. I'm hearing mixed answers to my problem.
    Others say 7950GTs are made to withstand up to 110C and run hot normally. I'm not quite sure who to believe, but I did clean out my case and add new thermal grease and NOW it's running at the aforementioned temps.
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