Hard drive making like a crunching sound

i had this pc for abt 3 years and i guess that the hard drive is gunna die
all i hear from time to time is a little crunching sound then a stop
the last time i opened my pc blew throught the hard drive and then a mosquito got out dead :O so the sound stopped but now it started again im having a bad feeling abt it
its a samsung 160 GB HDD
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  1. are your data files backed up?
    Is the crunching sound definitely coming from the HD, not a fan or power supply?

    Not sure what your question is, but if the noise is coming from your HD, then crunching = bad.
  2. no its not a fan the sound is coming from the front of the pc case i opened it and listened closely it was from the HDD but now the sound stopped im not sure wuts going on if it comes back ill post again
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