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A friend's drive died and I did the "freezer trick" for it. The drive actually started working long enough for Ontrack to recover the data to my external drive. Now here's the catch, I recovered the entire My Documents folder (8GBs), and I can see every file, and they all have their information and original size, but when I try to access a file, it has no data. Meaning I open a text document and there is no text; I open a picture and there is no picture (I get a 'no preview available' message) and a song file plays no music. Is there something that I'm missing for this to happen? I tried running chkdsk to try to fix it but it was no help.
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  1. A Folder is actually a particular format of file with fixed field lengths containing data on where the files' contents are on the hard drive, plus other details about each file. It references the HDD's file allocation tables, too. Is appears you were able to recover the "file" that is the My Documents Folder, but you have not actually recovered the data from the files themselves. More recovery work to do.
  2. I appreciate the answer, but how does that help me?
  3. It appears one of two things has happened.

    1. Ontrack was able to "recover" the contents of the My Documents directory so you can see the Folders, File Names, sizes, dates, etc. of the the files it contained. BUT it has not recovered the actual contents of each file. If that is the case, can you still access anything on the HDD? Can you use Ontrack to try to recover each file?

    2. MAYBE Ontrack recovers things in a particular way that is not quite like a regular file, and you have to do some other steps to get the recovered files ready to use. Re-read the Ontrack instructions to be sure you have done everything required to make the recovered files usable.
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