GTX260 or 9800GTX+ 1GB

What would you choose? Price difference here is of $60 between the two. Note, I'm comparing the 9800GTX+ 1GB, not the 512MB version with an Asus 896MB GTX260.

And I'll be running on a 21.5" screen with a 1920x1080 resolution.

Recommendations, and why please.
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  1. GTX260 216core would be best for that resolution
  2. there is so many threads about this. gtx 260 is better because of 448 memory bus and 192 or 216 stream processors vs 256 memory bus and 128 sp on 9800gtx
  3. Quote:
    Forget the 9800GTX+, its designed to compete with the HD4850.

    Consider this Asus HD4870 if your in the states.

    Its factory overclocked from 750mhz to 815mhz, surely making it faster than a GTX260 core 216. $145 after $30 rebate

    Unfortunately I'm in New Zealand. And also, I'm an nVidia fanboy :na:

    Now the real question is - how do you tell a GTX260 is the Core 216 or not?
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