Video card suggestions?

Just did a cheapy System board/IntelE8400 swap to keep the upgrade costs low. Had an AGP 6800 Ulta before, but the new PCIE Nvidia 9800GTX + OC will not fit (too long by a 1/4") and takes too much power (not enoughconnectors). What's a good get me by card? I can't play my battlefield 2 with the onboard intel stuff.

I am American and Bernie Madoff stole all my money! Please help me play games cheaply!

Intel E8400
4 GM of cheap ram
chepo fry's ECS motherboard
total cost $230 US a few monts ago.

P.S. I've heard the 8600 GT takes no external power and has normalish form factor. Suggestions?
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  1. HD4670 (no connectors) or HD4830 (requires one 6pin PCI-e connector).
  2. I agree with the HD 4670. It is the most powerful card not needing an additional 6-pin adapter. This model is also considerably shorter than the 9800 reference models and should fit in your case.

    ASUS Radeon HD 4670 512MB $80 ($70 with MIB)

    The 4670 is 6 tiers (according to Toms Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart) above the 8600GT/9500GT which is the most powerful NVidia card without an adapter. And with most 9500 GT's (which is slighly better than the 8600GT) running around $60, its a no brainer ;)
  3. Thanks guys. It's easy to look at the charts but it's hard to tell about the connectors.
  4. Also, I do have two 4 pin molex free, on a 400 watt power supply. Would that change your recommendations at all?
  5. Without knowing anything more about your PSU, I'll simply agree on the 4670 also.
  6. csawyer said:
    Also, I do have two 4 pin molex free, on a 400 watt power supply. Would that change your recommendations at all?

    I would probably still stick with the 4670. Unless your power supply is top tier and has at least 25 amps on 12v rail. Then I would recomend a 4830 or 4850 whichever is in your budget. Both draw 110w. By comparison the 4670 draws 70w, a huge difference on a small, budget psu.

    From newegg on a 4830: PCI Express based PC is required with one X16 lane graphics slot available on the motherboard 450 Watt or greater power supply with 75 Watt 6-pin PCI Express power connector recommended

    Also you said you mostly play BF2. Well a 4670 should blow through that no problem. According to Toms Charts, the 4670 gets 60 fps at 1900x1200 Max Quality with Call of Duty 4, which is about the same performance as BF2.
  7. i like the nvidia geforce 9500gt i have one in my computer i like it, it is inexpensive
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