Windows XP User Account blank screen, empty c: drive


I am working on my Aunt's computer. She has Win XP with 3 user account profiles. One of them is not working.
The "All Programs" is empty, C: drive is blank and when I try ctrl, alt, delete it gives error about admin rights even though she is an admin for that user.
I can create a new profile and delete the corrupt one but is there a way to fix this so I do not have to do that?

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  1. More info.

    I cannot run anything on this user profile even in safe mode.
    So I logged in with a different user ran Microsoft Security Essentials and noticed this in the history Trojan:Win32/FakeSysdef - Removed.
    Items: file:C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VDPLtsHLVdsd.exe
    file: c:\documents and settings\the users name\Desktop\windows xp

    I cannot do anything under this user profile, but I can on the other 3 profiles. Is this user profile even fixable, if I go through the routine in running virus removal programs under a different user profile?

    Looks like I posted this in the wrong area since I think this was caused by a virus. I will repost.
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