Antec TruePower New TP-650 vs Corsair HX620 vs Corsair TX650


Could someone please advise which is a better PSU from the above and what make it better than the other 2?

I have been using Antec TruePower II-480watt in the last 5 years. Recently I just upgraded my system to a PhenomII 940 but still using my old nvidia 7800gtx (thinking to upgrade to ATi 4770 when its out). I didn't plan to replace my PSU until recently I need to build one PC for my brother using my spare computer parts (so now I got the excuse).

Although I don't plan to Xfire, but I would love to keep the option open if I wish to.

Could you please advise if I do need to upgrade at all? If not, I will just buy a cheaper PSU and keep my old Antec.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. PhenomII 940 + ATi 4770 (1ea) + Antec TruePower II-480watt should be OK.

    Of the 3 PSUs you listed - you can choose the one with the lowest price and still get an excellent PSU.
    You can find excellent reviews on all three over at
  2. My personal power supply is the Corsair HX620. It's been running rock steady for several years now. The main reason I bought it was try a modular psu. Only a few of the cables are permanently attached to the psu. The rest can be plugged in as needed. The idea is that it helps with cable management. You only use the cables you really need. The unused cables can be put away. They don't need to be stuffed somewhere inside a pc case. It's a matter of personal preference.
  3. I definitely prefer a modular one as my unused cables are getting annoying.

    Thanks guys!
  4. your good for sure, I am running on Antec Neo HE 430 Watt with Q9550 and 9800 GTX+ rock solid.
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