How to overclock a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650

I need to know how to over clock a ati radeon HD 4650 and with which program i am kinda new to this overclocking thing but i hear its worth it but i hear u could damage your hardware. so can someone explain to me how to overclock this graphics card and what setting. all help well appreciated
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    Dont overclock a laptop card. Never a good idea, creats alot more heat which your laptop is probably not designed to dissapate, and yes you could physically damage your hardware because of high temperatures or unstable clocks and that would be an expensive repair and would void your warranty, not to mention your battery would not last as long (notice how overclocking isnt included in CCC for these cards for a good reason)... Even if you did overclock it would not overclock very high and you would gain no noticible performance. I have a Mobility 4650 in my laptop and I thought about it (I have a fair amount of OC experience) and I decided it would not be worth it.
  2. thanks man for the heads up that would have been costly i would have lost my laptop for nothing
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