Overclocking Nvidia 9600 GS, good idea?

Hi guys,

Does anybody have the Nvidia 9600 GS and tried to overclock it?

Mine has the following specs:

GPU Type : NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GS
GPU Clocks : Core 500 MHz / RAM 500 MHz
DirectX Version : 11.0

I don't get very good fps with Furmark, average 24 and maximum 30 sometimes. So if I overclock the card, will I be able to get better fps? What settings and programs do you recommend?

I tried the EVGA Precision Tool and I saw 'snow' running Furmark. I don't know if Furmark is the best or the recommended video card stability program. Any help will be much appreciated.
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  1. EVGA Precision is a pretty good overclocking program and Furmark is a good way to stress test the card. How hot does it show your card getting in Furmark? If you are seeing anything out of the ordinary (Artifacts) such as the snow you mentioned then you have it clocked too high.
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