Hard Drive getting slower - reinstalling OS but no effect?

Hello, I noticed that the system was running very slow - so I ran a 3DMark which confirmed my suspicion. Loading maps in SC2 was very erratic - sometimes the same map took 5 seconds to load, other times 5 minutes. I am now reinstalling my OS but to my dismay I have just noticed that windows has been more than 3 hours to install the first 500mb of updates. Inter Explorer took 20 minutes to install alone?! My CPU is taxed almost 100% during this procedure - so it is either that or my HD. Loading the OS took ages as well. My system is moderately new (1+ year) - any input would be appreciated :)
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  1. What are your system specs? Is your harddrive full? THey do slow down alot as they approach 80-90% capacity.

    When you reinstalled your OS... did you format the hardrive (wipe it clean) ... or just re-install windows overtop of the old windows (which would do nothing)

    First thing would be free disk defrag and clear out anything you dont use in control paanel.
  2. Thanks for your reply :)

    Gigabyte x48 MB
    Intel E8500 CPU
    4gb 1066 memory
    Samsung SpinPoint F1 640GB HDD
    ATi 4870 gfx

    My HDD is not full I have just formatted and reinstalled my OS (Vista x64)

    Does a defrag do anything when I have just fomatted?

    Also the installation of the OS on the clean HDD seemed to "hang" at the weirdest points - like when it asked asked what HDD I would like to install on (I only have one) I couldn't choose it for over 60 seconds because my PC was busy - but it wasn't doing anything other than waiting for my feedback. In any case it didn't hang like this when I first installed the OS over a year ago.

    Thanks again
  3. You should install the hard drive on another computer and run a full diagnostic using the hard drive manufacturers software from their site.

    In the meantime, hard drives are fairly inexpensive so maybe get another one and use your present one as a secondary drive for documents and backups if it passes (or you have to RMA it for a new one).

    It's almost certainly your hard drive. If that's not the issue I'd be surprised but if it isn't say so and I'll likely respond.
  4. Thanks photonboy

    Looking at the samsung site - my HDD maker - I can see that their diagnostics tool does not support my harddrive model - it does support Spinpoint F1 but my exact model number is not one of the specified. Is there any other way to discern if my HDD has a problem - since I also don't have easy access to a test system?

    By the way, at one point while restarting the system it simple shutdown while booting - I ran a "startup test" from from my OS installation disk and it didn't find a problem - is this consistent with faulty HDD?

    Thanks again
  5. Sounds like you simply need a new drive.
  6. Seems I may have to buy a new HDD. However could these symptoms be memory related? I ran the Vista memory check when booting from the install DVD and it found no problems - but I'm not sure if it can be trusted.

    Thanks for the feedback guys :)
  7. Just ran a Vista "Check disk" my PC. Crashed 10 seconds into the check - then the PC restarted, ran the check again and told me that there were no errors... Don't know if this is Vista's way of telling me theat something is definately very wrong ... :)
  8. Have just tried a brand new HDD - it didn't help. Installing stuff still takes ages - and SC2 runs below 10fps - no matter what settings I use.

    I have also experienced some random shutdowns of the system - not software crashes, but simple the system turning off as if I had pulled the power plug. (I have a 650W power supply - and it has worked perfectly for over a year)

    Don't really know where to begin :/
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