Strange behaviour of JVC 37" Flat Sceen

I just bought a 37" JVC LCD TV (LT-37FX77) to serve as a monitor for my HTPC. I'm currently using an older computer which I hope to replace soon. The graphics card is a Nvidia Geforce 440MX.

What is mind boggling is I can boot my computer and the sceen comes up normaly and I can access the BIOS, the boot selection screen, and the GRUB sceen also is displayed. When I select WinXP it boots up normaly with no problems. The resolution looks great at 1360x768 no problem.

Reboot again, only this time select Ubuntu from the GRUB menu and the sreen goes black. The computer boots up fine because I can hear the bongo sound from the log in screen. While the computer is still running I unattach the JVC and plug in an old monitor I've got kicking around, and there it is; Ubuntu in all it's glory. Even the resolution is correct (also 1360x768). Why does the JVC recognize Windows but not Ubuntu. How does it know the difference.

I get the same behavior if I boot into the Ubuntu installation disk, the GRUB recovery disk, or the Hirens utility disk. For the life of me it just doesn't seem to make sense. The same computer with the same video card but total black screen with anything but windows. I've got another 32" no-name flat screen and everything works perfect so it has to be something unique about the JVC that some how can discriminate the source of the signal even though it's coming from the same video card

Has anyone had the same experience. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

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  1. I probably should have mentioned that I'm using the conventional VGA cable.

    I know this is not the best route to take because you're converting digital to analog then converting analog to digital, which in it self degrades the signal. It's just that the video card is old so it's my only option.

    I wounder if that may have something to do with it.

    I currently building a HTPC with more up to date hardware so I'm hoping that should resolve the problem. I'll most likely be using HDMI in that case.
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