Hp mini 110 windows7 - boot mgr is compressed

how will i open my notebook PC if it always says "BOOTMGR is compressed"?
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  1. Put in your windows installation disc, boot from the disc, and select the repair option, this should delete the compressed version and re install your proper BOOTMGR.

    If this fails, you can still read your hdd as and external device and get your data off, and the conduct a windows reload, although this is just a last resort.
  2. YES ,

    do that steps if not work then COMMAND PROMPT option in Repair Mode.
    and "bootsec /fixboot"

    then your Problem will definitely Solve. :)
  3. Koolies! Does that do a similar thing to the repair function with the inslation disc, but with networking or something? I knew there was a cmd way, but couldn't remember the command line for it... :(
  4. Yeh Combat Wombat need to remembered every thing ;)
  5. zuz zuz, GG, either way should work tho.
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