Enzotech Northbridge Waterblock SNBW-SLI

does anyone had this Enzotech Northbridge Waterblock SNBW-SLI?
i need some comments about this thing.

actually guys, i'm planning to make it as my CPU block because some blocks would not fit the aluminum housing of the cooling system of my powermac g5.
the core of the procie measures 12mm x 15mm( looks like a pentium3 core, but it is ibm 970 procie).

i came up with this plan because the stock units (for me) are not so impressive. i disconnect the pressure hose from the radiator and i test it, the result, the waterflow is too slow. maybe the waterblocks is not so good enough and it restricts the water flow and maybe it is the "cause" why my swiftech waterpump leaks.

any suggestions?
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  1. NB/SB blocks usually aren't designed for the wattage a CPU puts out. Won't pull enough heat from the CPU because they are designed for much less heat chips like the NB/SB.

    Try it, but you might not like it.

    Your flow rate could be buildup in the blocks/pump, a series radiator not a dual pass parellel flow radiator etc.
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