HDD Failure in raid 0

So i think i lost a hd in my raid 0 array. when plugged in i hear it spin up but is not recognized in bios or by seagate utility software. Before i reformat the one good drive i have left, i was wondering if there was anything i could have missed. I hate to loose all my data.
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  1. In a RAID 0 array, if one dies, everything is lost, due to the "break-up" of the data across the whole array.

  2. What he means is that your stuff is lost already. Feel free to format the good drive whenever you want.
  3. Ok, but what would the chance be that a recovery expert could get the data with both drives?
  4. Chances are costly. Data Recovery can be expensive! Like $100's-$1000.00. Somewhere in here there was a price example.

    Make sure you "fix" your RAID array, or set to non-RAID in BIOS. So, yes, you can format the good drive, and install the OS and stuff on it.
  5. It will depend on what broke on the old drive. If the PCB failed you could buy another identical drive and just swap them over. Assuming you made no changes to the other drive it should just boot up like nothing happened. If however something else in the drive failed, your F'ed. As Foscooter said, you are talking many 100s of dollars if not $1000+.
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