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I just built my own gaming rig and have a Q6600 not overclocked with stock cooler. My question is this, I have this PC in my bedroom with NO air conditioning and it's about 90 degrees out. I have all my windows open with plenty of air circulation in the room and am using a Cooler Master HAF 932 case. It's feels hot as hell to me but is this NOT a good thing for the PC or can my components not be affected by this heat wave? Should I shut it down till night time when it gets cooler?

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  1. Download HWMonitor from and keep an eye on your temps. As long as CPU doesnt go over 60C, you should be OK.
  2. Ok thanx and I was wondering, is ( Real Temp ) a good CPU Temp. Monitor?
  3. Yea, Real Temp will work as well. I like HW Monitor because it shows all temps (CPU, GPU, MB, HD, Ambient) in one place.
  4. Ok great cause I am already using EVGA Percision Utility for my GPU. Thank you ;)
  5. Most motherboards have a temperature monitor that you set with the BIOS. I have them set at 70 C. on my computers.
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