Athlon ii a bottle neck

On my cell so sorry for crap grammar.

Will my athlon ii x4 620 at 3300mhz bottle neck two 4870s get my second card back from rma tonorrow
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  1. Maybe yes, but that also depends of the game and the settings that u select for that game.
  2. everything on maximum ridiculous at 1440x900. Mainly got two cause a good deal and to increase minimum fps on newer games
  3. At that resolution, the Crossfire is a waste of money IMO.
  4. For having two high end cards for less than a HD 5770 its not a waste. I can always jump monitor size.
  5. No, its a quad core. No game is going to be hurting for threads. Doesn't have a whole lot of cache but clock speed is more important and it's fine in that department. I would get a higher resolution though, just for the sake of the experience. I had a 4870x2 overclocked to 4870 speeds. It let me run almost anything maxed out at 1920x1080. Cheap is always good, and any way to improve minimum fps is worth pursuing.
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