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I have a Q9400 with Asus P5Q SER (P45) mb and I have a question.

The temperature of the cpu is around 32-34c at idle and 50c at full load on stock setting. I have overclocked to 3.0, 3.2, 3.4 & up to 3.6ghz and the idle & load temps are same as stock settings. Is this normal for Q9400?

I use programs CPU-Z, CPUID HM & Real Temp.

As for the cpu cooler, I have CM hyper 212 on antec 300 case w/ 2 front 120mm fans.
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  1. did u up the voltage or keep it the same or leave it as auto.

    if the voltage didnt chance and u OC it then it wont heat up much more although will become more unstable.
  2. stock setting to 3.0ghz, i left the voltage to auto, but raised the voltage after that. @ 3.6ghz i had it 1.3v, stable occt.
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