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I have a Ci7 920 and a ASUS P6T and a P6T Deluxe. I want to sell the both of them and buy the absolutely best/fastest 1366 mobo on the planet. I have 3 GTX 280s for 3-way SLI but I am confused with the PCI-E 16x lanes issue. So what mobo is gonna go the absolulte fastest and money is no object. Thank you....
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  1. EVGA Classified.
  2. +1 EVGA Classified...
    Even the Rampage Extreme would be a good choice...
  3. eVGA Classified for overclocking
    @ stock settings, Gigabyte X58 Extreme
  4. cjl said:
    EVGA Classified.

    Maybe. Depends on specifics, e.g. E760 instead of E759.
  5. That's true - you want the non-Nforce 200 board.
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