Help with 3 parts for cheap gaming build

help/advise on $250 to $300 gaming pc parts (no more than $300)
i got $300 ( got the rest of the parts for building a pc) but wanting to know best bang for the buck for cpu/motherboard and graphic cards for $300 for a cheap games pc for me son to play games liek gears of war, call of duty ,nhl 09 etcetc

i was looking at
1/ cheap x2, amd board ,and $150 good card

or quad 9600 ,cheap board,and $100card
or a cheap

Core 2 Duo E7300 Wolfdale 2.66GHz or e5200 with cheap motherboard and $100 card

or e8400 cheap m/b and $ 100 card
if anyone esle as got any ideas for me ty in advance

i am not into gaming pc myself but built 5 muiltemedia pc in the past i just want best bang for the bucks with $300 for a average gaming pc
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  1. In your first build since the 790GX is a crossfire capable motherboard you should go with a HD4830, not the 9800GT. While they both have similar performance, you could always crossfire another card in the future for added performance.

    The 4th choice would give you the best performance, while the G31 is a very budget motherboard, the E8400 would far outperform the 7750 or 9600 in pure gaming performance. Of your 4 options, i'd probably go with the E8400, G31 and this HD4830 for $85 after rebate

    My second choice is the 7750Kuma, 790GX and a HD4830.
  2. ty dirtmountian
    yes the pc is mainly for gaming would the HD4830 play games like gears of war,call of duty,quantum of solace etc i know dual core is better than quad for gaming and i like to overclock the cpu a little bit the g31 is bubgut board i looking for another one about 50-75dollers that would overclock a little bit i was thinking the first and last ones i put more the

    first one than in time upgrading to better cpu in time any suggestions on a better chip for amd on the first build one ?

    upgrade the motherboard in time on the 4th one

    thanks for you suggestion
  3. At a $300 budget i'd probably go with these 3. They run $310 before shipping and rebates, but there's $25 in rebates. The E7400 at $120 (same price as the E7300), the Gigabyte P45DS3L $80 after rebate motherboard and a Sapphire HD4830 $85 after rebate (benchmarks for the 4830 aren't quite equal to, but pretty decent))

    this 9800GT is $92 after rebate, but it's a $30 rebate so initial cost is pretty high.
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