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I have a AMD Phenom II 940 that ran at 62 celcius which is the max operating temp according to AMD. It was on a stock heatsink. After many failed attempts on this build, I finally decided to put on a new heatsink. I put on a thermaltake v1 and now run around 37-43 idle and 56 max at load. It seems a bit high to me. If I have to buy a different heatsink, I'll do it, but I much prefer the heatsink to have the pin lock. I don't remember where I've read it but some site said i cannot take off the clips for my Gigabyte mobo GA-MA790GP-UD4H. Does not make sense since it has the 4 screws to take off. Someone must of not knew much.. Anyways my question is, do you all think thats a bit too high for a bedroom thats always closed around maybe 78-80 ball park temp? And if so, what heatsink would you recommend to put on (air cooled). Yes, I have plenty of room to work with in my case!
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  1. Is that 56 load while using real world apps or stress testing?

    I find my 940 will max around the same in p95, but while gaming it stays in the low 50C range. + Im using a true.

    Your temps seem normal being that your room is around 27C.

    But I'm not really following what you mean by clips? are you talking about the backing plate?
  2. 56 on everest/other cpu stress test.. games and apps i run around mid 40s usually.. i think its fine but id like it lower
  3. yes, the clips with the back plate.. im sure they do come off.. it just must of been a novice person that posted somewhere else. wouldn't make sense why they would restrict such a thing. Besides the fact of this is probably my 6th AMD build. Cool. Well I'm glad to hear that my temps seem pretty norm..
  4. normal amd, OC it 4mhz tower in flames
  5. I just built my new system over the weekend and tested it. My AMD phenom II 940 is idle at 29 - 31 degrees and tops out at 47-49 degrees, my MSI GTX 285 OC is idle at 37 degrees and tops out under full load at 70 degrees. I am using the Zalman GS1000 case running 6 x 120mm fans (3 intake and 3 exhaust)
  6. yeah.. my mom opened my door apparently.. hahah newest low temp of 31C according to hwmonitor.. i usually keep it open. definately glad to hear its normal though! it'd be nice if amd just put the typical temps with room temps
  7. **i usually keep it closed.. lol
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